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Presenter Lee Bergthold
Seminar Title Backpack Survival
Date May/June 2021 TBA
Time TBA
Location TBA

In this intensive one-day seminar, Lee Bergthold will discuss the basics of backpack survival.  You will learn how to choose the right equipment and be prepared for the unexpected.  Basic medical, weather and adverse elements will also be discussed.

Fee: TBA

Contact Lee Bergthold at (661) 947-5153 for information.

Backpack Survival - What's Involved!

These sessions are conducted by Lee Bergthold, wilderness specialist, and are designed for anyone interested in general backpacking/mountaineering and are a prerequisite for persons planning on taking one of the 7-10 day trips (see Trips).  The trips are scheduled for this coming summer and are led by Bergthold, but are separate from Antelope Valley College sponsorship.  

The sessions prepare individuals for the unexpected in the backcountry; how to plan and prepare for a weekend outing, or 7 to 10 day trips at altitude, as well as desert.  Films, photos, demos, handouts, etc., help to demonstrate and instruct participants in the areas covered by this seminar.  The course covers:

gear and equipment (how to acquire, etc.)
basic medical problems
dealing with large and small animals in the wild
dealing with 'killer' weather
where not to go and stay away from
general safety
dealing with adverse elements
food preparation
water sources
physical fitness
much more


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March 6, 2021

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