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The Deadliest Shortcut
A True Story
By: Lee Bergthold

Pending Publication

...A 35 day survival trek from the Great Salt Lake Desert, Utah to Battle Mountain, Nevada.


Welcome to the Center for Wilderness Studies Website.

Various trips are scheduled for the balance of spring 2021.  Check the Calendar section for details regarding cost and itinerary -- more information on request.  Click here for a complete list of trips.

We are working on a Gallery to present some of the astounding pictures taken on the various trips. To see a sampling please click here.  Have you been on one of the Center for Wilderness Study trips?
Do you have pictures you wish to share?  Contact Lee Bergthold. 

The Night of the Triangle - cover

The Night of the Triangle
by Lee Bergthold

Available Now!

A 35 day, cross-country trek that challenged endurance levels of a trio of die-hard adventurers--a 350 mile sojourn across the notorious badlands of Death Valley, and beyond, southward to the fetid shores of the Salton Sink (Sea).

After forging their way across the desert-parched backcountry of Death Valley, real-life survival became a reality as the threesome continued southward beyond Death Valley, across seldom-mentioned desert lands: The Wingate Wash, the Owlshead and Avawatz Moutains, the scraggly sand dune country beyond Zzyzx, the Devil's Playground, the God-forsaken Bristol Dry Lake Bed, the Pinto Mountains, and finally the bone-strewn shoreline of the Salton Sea. Thrity-five days, 350 miles, almost a death-wish were it not for the overpowering will to live, to survive.

$19.95 - available for purchase at CreateSpace, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


Also Available

To Walk Away From Battle Mountain

The true account of two, modern-day explorers, and their 350-mile trek across the harsh badlands of Nevada desert.

$18.95 - available for purchase at CreateSpace, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

There Must Have Been an Angel

An epic 125 mile cross-country trek—280 degree direct route compass heading—that took two men from Badwater, Death Valley (282 feet below sea level) to the summit of Mt. Whitney (14,495 feet).

$15.95 - available for purchase at CreateSpace, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

“I thought someone was out there ready to grab me off to Hell never to be seen again. I went into the metal house, where I saw the figure of a head on the wall, so I quickly crawled inside my sleeping bag where I stayed the rest of the night...”
– Reney Enguita 

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Winter 2001
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