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Photgraphic Tribute to the Millennium
1999 - 2000: 350-Mile Exploratory Trek:
Death Valley to the Mexican Border

The following biographical information references Lee Bergthold and Christine (Tina) Bowers only.

Let it be clear at this point, that all personnel involved in this project will have extensive training and instruction as safety, responsibility and prudence are paramount. Lee Bergthold, founder and director of Center for Wildemess Studies (CWS) is a survival specialist and is adamant in the requirements of mountain and desert participants. To openly engage in this type of long-term trekking takes years of experience. Bergthold relies on his 40-some-years-plus of outdoor survival experience ... Tina Bowers, an outstanding female athlete in here own right, registers 'top-rate' in training, background and experience. She has worked with Bergthold for the past 12-15 years ....

Biographicals: Lee Bergthold
Christine (Tina) Bowers




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