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Welcome to the Center for Wilderness Studies Website.

 The fall and winter seasons are
coming and there are a number
of weekend and one
extended backpacking trips
that have been added to the
scheduled. The first one will
be heading out September 26.
Please go to the
to check the location and schedule for the
up coming trips.

Visit the
CWS News Page
where you can read news clips from CWS related articles

“I thought someone was out there ready to grab me off to Hell never to be seen again. I went into the metal house, where I saw the figure of a head on the wall, so I quickly crawled inside my sleeping bag where I stayed the rest of the night...” 
– Reney Enguita 

Read the Article
The Mystery of Clair Camp
from the
Winter 2001
Panamint Press

Last Update
September 9, 2003

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