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January 25 - 27

Zzyzx* (complete)
CWS in conjunction with Cal State Fullerton/Desert Studies Center: exploring various mine sites: Jumbo, Cree Camp, Wander and Rainy Day Mines....

February 15 - 17

Jackpot Mine*
Ballarat, Happy Canyon, Limestone Cave
(CWS Field Trip, $50/person or $20 per follow vehicle, day packs)

March 9

53rd Annual CWS Pot Luck
Separate announcements to be mailed out with details ...all welcome, all free, or call for information: 661-947-5153 (Lee)

March 22 - 24

Blue Bell Mine*
Badger Flat, Santa Rita Flat, Santa Rita Flat Spring

(AVC Field Trip, no charge, day packs)

April 5 - 7

Devil's Gate*
...McMurry Spring (west of 'the Gate'), Deadman Canyon
(CWS Field Trip, $60/person or $20/own vehicle, possible overnight backpack)

May 10 - 12

Northern Meadows*
McGee & Longly Meadows
(CWS Field Trip, $60/person or $20/own vehicle, overnight backpack)


Field Trip
Backpack trips:  7-10 day duration, participants must qualify re: Backpack Survival Seminar

Update issued 2/1/19. Complete details regarding each activity will be mailed on request as dates come due. All trips rain or shine, hot or cold. Possible date changes due to schedule obligations. Check with instructor/guide regarding "family/spouse" and "own transportation" rates where applicable. Rates listed include van transportation. Some quotas may apply due to rise in gas prices.

Last Update
February 10, 2019

(661) 947-5153